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UK Falcons Birdmart BIRDS FOR SALE

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UK Falcons is essentially an on-line Birdmart and support "services / data resource centre" for falconers, breeders and enthusiasts of birds of prey.


2004: UK Falcons Birdmart was established in September 2004 to bring choice and valuable support to the marketplace for falconers and breeders who regularly sell captive birds of prey in the UK and throughout Europe. The Birdmart is seen as "a central gateway for the falconer, falcon breeder and enthusiast" and focuses specifically on birds of prey for sale and wanted through private and corporate support advertising. UK Falcons also offer a select range of quality falconry equipment for sale.


The Birdmart advertising area has grown from strength to strength over the years and has evolved into a well known and popular 'central birdmart gateway' for breeders of birds of prey who demand exposure to specific and competitive corporate markets. With excellent 'traffic' in excess of 100,000 hits per week (May 2010), the UK Falcons Birdmart site is well positioned to give its customers huge exposure in the right marketplace at the right time. UK Falcons Birdmart is updated 24/7, 365 days per year.


UK Falcons Birdmart offers advertising at very competitive rates, offering both private and corporate seo advertising. UK Falcons Birdmart provides a comprehensive list of birds for sale and wanted at any given time, efficiently, professionally and quickly updated on a 24 hour basis, ...our responsive approach to advert publishing and customer support is testimony to our success.


"If you are looking for a Birdmart facility that is down to earth, approachable, responsive, knowledgable and at the same time able to offer excellent customer service and support, then welcome to UK Falcons".


ISSUES: please make sure that if you wish to advertise birds of prey on this site, that they are fit and healthy and are supported by the relevant legal paperwork (if required) from DEFRA, A10 / Schedule 4, etc. It's illegal to advertise a bird of prey for sale without having the relevant and legal paperwork. Please also ensure that you pass on to the new owner a breeders certificate and any vet and health certification, including DNA certification that you may have, this helps to keep the history of the bird up to date.


BREEDERS RINGS: UK Falcons introduced its sister business in 2007, Identity Rings Europe.



If you're looking for closed breeders rings, split rings or a secure ID registration scheme for the safe return of your bird, then Identity Rings Europe has the solution.


When you ring your bird with a closed or split ring from, you will be completely confident that you have a 'unique-identity-number' on your bird for life. This 'unique-identity-number' is not just for Article 10 Registration, but it keeps on working for the life of your bird as a quick and secure 'return-if-lost' identity tag, but ONLY when you register yourBird/Ring.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Gino A Pezzani. BAh.

UK Falcons / Identity Rings Europe / Support Manager.