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UK Falcons

"If you are looking for an advertising facility that only specialises in BIRDS OF PREY, is down to earth, approachable, responsive, owned and operated by falconers and breeders that are able to offer excellent customer service, support, and advice, ... then welcome to UK Falcons"

UK FALCONS BIRDMART was established in September 2004 to bring choice and valuable support to the marketplace for falconer and breeders who sell captive birds of prey in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Owned and operated by falconers and breeders, the UK Falcons Birdmart is seen as "a central gateway for the falconer, falcon breeder and enthusiast" and focuses specifically on birds of prey.

The UK Falcons Birdmart has grown from strength to strength over the years and has evolved into a well-known and popular gateway for breeders of birds of prey who demand exposure to specific markets in the UK and Europe.

With excellent traffic in excess of 120,000 hits per week and Google position 1, the UK Falcons Birdmart page is well positioned to give its many customers huge exposure to specialist markets, to a focused audience of falconers and breeders.

Our birdmart is free to register and join. You can simply sign up for an account in less than a minute and start advertising your birds for sale, exchange or wanted. Our online facility includes advert content, photo uploads and a contact form for your use. You can also sign into your account and edit it at any time of the day or night. It's fully flexible for you.

The UK Falcons Birdmart page is updated 24/7, 365 days per year and offers birdmart advertising at only £5 for 12 months, discount courtesy of ID-RINGS.EU. UK Falcons offer corporate and trade publicity spots for falconry related business, please ask us for details.

You can contact us here:

UK Falcons, Peregrine House, Scotland. Tel: (Support Manager) on 07500 904497.

Our responsive approach to advert publishing and customer support is testimony to our success. We provide:


2. BIRDMART CORPORATE BANNER ADVERTISING (inexpensive, please ask for details)

3. EQUIPMENT (please view our online shop)

4. CLOSED & SPLIT RINGS (please view our online shop)

MISSION STATEMENT: UK Falcons aim to be the most effective and successful birdmart facility and central information resource center on the internet and is committed to building a "central hub" of accessible data for novice and experienced falconers, breeders and enthusiasts of birds of prey throughout the world.