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Addressing COVID-19 /  (March: 28 : 2020)


Like so many of you, we have spent the recent weeks learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our business and our world. As part of the global supply chain, and in compliance with current Government guidelines on social distancing, UK Falcons and ID-Rings will remain open and operational. As per normal procedure, we will be supplying split and closed rings globally and will try our very best to keep on top of the demand for rings here in the UK, and across Europe. We would advise on early purchases, as delivery time may take longer due to the current situation, especially from countries outwith the UK.


Remote working: staff that is able to work remotely have already made the transition, and feedback has shown that this has not impacted on our ability to operate successfully. The staff that is unable to work remotely, will continue to follow the strict guidelines on social distancing.


Action: UK Falcons and ID-Rings Eu takes the COVID-19 threat seriously. We are continuing to monitor the latest updates about the global outbreak and are taking every action to safeguard the health of our employees and preserve our ability to operate during the pandemic. We have implemented procedural change within our team to ensure that we comply with Government guidelines, in an attempt to keep everything running safely. Our team will continue to guide appropriate measures and take actions necessary to ensure our operations continue running. We will provide any updates as the situation warrants on this news page, and via social media.


Thank you for your continued support. We wish good health and safety to all our business partners, their employees, families, and the global community.



BREEDERS CLOSED RINGS /  (March: 26 : 2018)


In the (month) March 2018, ID Rings Europe have manufactured over 2800 closed rings for the UK, Europe and Global market. This is about 30% up on the (month March) last year, so a big thank-you to all those breeders that have placed their trust in our products and services once again in 2018. 

'Breeders', please remember that we don't just manufacture our own rings, we manufacture bespoke closed breeders rings for any raptor with consecutive numbering for your breeding farm. We can also engrave your breeding farm logo for additional identification. All rings can be optionally registered on our database which is currently GDPR compliant.

Remember to view our website at: http://www.id-rings.eu



falcon closed rings


falcon rings 



UNWANTED CONTENT /  (November: 07 : 2017)


Since our BIRDMART has become free, we have noticed that adverts with unsuitable and fake content have been published. UK Falcons takes the 'standard' of its BIRDMART very seriously. UK Falcons retains the right to delete all adverts that are found to have unsuitable content or that 'in our opinion', are fictitious. Users that continue to abuse the system will see their accounts IP blocked. 

It is well known that other BIRDMART pages on the internet are full of fictitious and fake content, however our pages WILL NOT end up with the same reputation. To address this issue, UK Falcons now check all online adverts daily for unsuitable content and will take immediate action on anyone trying to abuse our BIRDMART.





100% FREE BIRDMART /  (July: 05 : 2017)


IMPORTANT: IID-Rings Eu, have purchased 'full ownership' of the UK Falcons Birdmart. 

As a result, the UK Falcons Birdmart will now be completely FREE for you to use (5th July 2017). If you don't currently have an account, you can simply sign up very quickly and start advertising your birds. 

FYI: Any incorrect adverts or suspicious adverts will be removed without notification and reported following full cancellation of your account. This UK Falcons BIRDMART will be monitored as normal, making sure that it features authentic and genuine adverts from falconers and breeders of birds of prey. 

The UK Falcons BIRDMART has a great reputation, established back in 2004, it's one of very few BIRDMARTS that exists to serve as a 'central gateway' for the falconer and breeder. Help us keep it that way. 

ID-Rings Eu. UK Falcons reserves the right to ban any advertiser without notification, that abuses our policies or is seen to be misleading buyers via free advertising on our website. 





Sending Payment /  (November: 30 : 2016)


IMPORTANT: It is advised at all times that you should NEVER send payment for any birds prior to viewing birds. You should view birds in person or if this is not possible via face-time, Skype etc. A health certificate and any papers should also be discussed, viewed if possible. Getting to know the person / breeder / seller is also very important, especially when buying birds from another country. You should NEVER pay for birds in advance and if sending a deposit, you should make sure that you have a bank paper receipt and a contract of sale. When buying birds out with the UK, be very careful; always speak directly with the seller on a landline phone number and build up a relationship of trust before settling on a contract of sale, deposit etc. The UK Falcons website is a 'paid for' advertising birdmart, and everyone can utilise its services to sell birds. Unlike other birdmarts, we do not offer FREE adverts as this leads to abuse of data and attracts scammers. However, be vigilant when buying at all times and especially abroad. If you are aware of any 'advertisers' that seem fraudulent, please report them direct to UK Falcons. UK Falcons reserves the right to ban any advertiser that abuses our policies or is seen to be misleading buyers.





Falcon Returned /  (May: 21 : 2016)


IN-CARE: Falcon with unregistered ID Ring 102?? has been found alive today 21 May 2016. The falcon is currently in care and stable. Would the owner come forward.

http://www.id-rings.eu/Lost_birds_register.html . Update, falcon now returned to owner 24 May 2016.





Barn Owl Dead /  (November: 07 : 2015)


FOUND DEAD: Barn Owl with registered ID Ring 9778 has been found dead today. Thanks to Mr. Redden for letting us know.






Signing Up: (January: 03 : 2015)


VERY EASY: When registering for a free account online, you are asked to give your name and phone number and (no address is required). You select a username and password and confirm this using the email address you supply. Confidentiality: your phone number and email address is never included in any advert you post, however you can add this info if required. A spam protected email form is provided with every advert you post so your detail are always confidential.


You can see the sign up process at this link, it only takes a few seconds to complete: http://www.ukfalcons.com/falcon_breeders_birdmart/register.php




Buying and Selling: (January : 03 : 2015)

There are two areas of law that buyers and sellers need to be aware of, one applies to the international trade in certain species of wildlife and the other applies solely to wildlife in Europe. They both lay down rules that must be complied with. For the purposes of this notice any reference to birds is a reference to birds of prey and owls.

Import and export of certain species is regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES (http://www.cites.org).

This Convention is enforced in the European Union by Council Regulation (EC) 338/1997 (http://ec.europa.eu/environment/cites/legislation_en.htm).

Also, in the UK, the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (WCA) protects all wild birds, defined as:
“any bird of a species that is resident in or is a visitor to the European Territory of any member state in a wild state”.
It is illegal under this legislation and the laws relevant for the purposes of this notice to:
• Sell, offer or expose for sale, a live or dead wild bird, or the egg or part of an egg of a wild bird (except certain birds on Schedule 3).
• Advertise to buy or sell, a live wild bird or an egg or part of an egg of such a bird, or any dead wild bird or part of such a bird (except certain birds on Schedule 3).
• Import or export birds listed on Annex A or B of Regulation 338/1997.
• Buy or sell birds listed on Annex A without an Article 10 certificate.
• Possess or control a bird on Schedule 4 of the WCA 1981 unless registered.
These pieces of legislation allow for some legal ownership and use of birds as long as certain criteria are met. The information below highlights some of the important issues for you as a trader in birds to consider, however this is not a definitive summary of all aspects of the law and we strongly advise you to contact the relevant authority, listed below, for further guidance.

Be aware that penalties for deliberately breaching the law can be severe and some offences can carry up to a maximum of seven years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.

Most activities involving the birds referred to in this notice have to be licensed and with some species it is mandatory to register them with the Government.
Some of the more common activities that have to be licensed are: buying, selling, importing and exporting protected birds; there are many others but they are beyond the scope of this notice.

The conditions of a licence or permit and the issuing authority depends on the activity you wish to undertake and where in the UK the bird is located. For a full list of licences, which can be downloaded, please follow the links to the Natural England, Scottish Executive and Welsh Assembly websites.

ENGLAND: Issuing agency - Natural England, ( https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/bird-licences ).

WALES: Issuing agency - Natural Resources Wales, ( http://naturalresourceswales.gov.uk/apply-and-buy/uk-protected-species-licensing/bird-licensing/?lang=en ).

SCOTLAND: Issuing agency - Scottish Natural Heritage, ( http://www.snh.gov.uk/protecting-scotlands-nature/species-licensing/bird-licensing ).

Birds that must be registered.
In addition to the licences that may be required from the above agencies, any bird of a species listed in Annex A in Reg 338/97, must be registered with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and issued with an Article 10 certificate before it can be used commercially. Please see this webpage for more information and species list. ( https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/endangered-species-application-for-commercial-use ).

If you want to import or export such birds outside of the EU, then additional permits will be required from APHA. Please see here for more information. ( https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/endangered-species-application-for-import-and-export-permit ).

You must ensure you understand and comply with the conditions of the licence that covers the activity you wish to undertake. Guidance for movement of such species within the EU is available here. ( https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/355268/cites-gn2.pdf ).

Apart from the CITES-listed species mentioned above there are nine species of birds listed in Schedule 4 WCA that must be registered and it is the keeper (who may not necessarily be the owner) who must register the bird with the APHA.

Remember it is unusual for a captive-bred Schedule 4 bird not to be wearing a ring or be fitted with a microchip transponder, so if you are offered an unmarked bird you are advised to ask carefully about its registration and origin.

Please visit the APHA website here for full details of the Schedule 4 Registration Scheme. ( https://www.gov.uk/bird-registration ).


Banner Advertising (September : 29 : 2014) 


UK Falcons is now offering corporate promotional space on its website via BANNER ADVERTISING with the option of selecting which web page or (pages) you want to be seen on. Maybe there is a page you would like to sponsor or be seen on ? .. let us know, we can also create custom options for you.


Your promotional banner feature will be designed for you, activated for you and back-linked to your website or specific page on your website.

Our banner promotional features start from AS LITTLE AS £4 (per month) based on a one year package, (all artwork is included in the price).

It will normally take 24/48 hours to have your advert designed, complete, running and activated for you.


ONE CONDITION: we want to to make sure that our website promotes 'everything' about 'falconry, birds of prey, breeding etc', therefore your service, product or company must be related to falconry or breeding in some shape or form.


FURTHER INFORMATION: to discuss your requirement in more detail, please click here to email us.






Unregistered Rings: Owner Complacency (August : 26 : 2014)

Every week we get someone that phones or emails us and informs us that they have found a bird of prey and that it has one of our rings on it. We do a quick search to see if the bird is registered on our ID Rings data-base and in 25% of cases we have to say to the person, sorry but the bird is not registered.

For example, again today, a Lanner Falcon lost in Yorkshire, ring number (151? www.id-rings.eu), but the owner has never registered it. He has lost his bird and does not know that someone has found it distressed etc. Not having the bird / RING registered means that we are not in a position to phone the owner and tell them where their bird is, incredible but fact!, and this happens every week!!!, ….. so what does everyone make of this and why do the majority of owners of birds of prey NOT register their birds ?

Maybe …
it's the cost of the £10 ?
Is it because they do not know of the service ?
Is it because they do not care ?
Is it because they think they will never loose their bird ?

So what is the conclusion ?
I have come to the general opinion that birds of prey in the UK in particular are no longer valued by their owners and many current falconers and breeders fly and keep birds with no safeguard in place, … a simple illustration of complacency.

ID Rings Europe register about 250 bird/rings per year but supply in excess of 3000 rings for birds of prey every year, that is a shocking statistic of 'none registration'.

FINAL NOTE: (to all falconers and breeders). If you can't be bothered registering your bird/ring with us then please don't bother us when you loose your bird.




Birdmart Photos: Uploading a photo of your bird (August : 16 : 2014)

To keep our birdmart page interesting for everyone, please upload a photo of your bird. 


This 'upload' facility is included with your advert and is very easy to do, please take advantage of this facility.

Adverts with photos will always appeal to a larger audience and increase your 'contact rate'.


If you don't have a photo, please upload a sample photo to accompany your advert, make sure you have 'rights' to use the photo.




Advertisers Advert text and Images: Copyright Usage  (July : 29 : 2014)

UK Falcons has been notified again about the use of our advertisers information and images appearing on other classified websites. Unfortunately there are other classified websites out there that advertise everything and anything and do not specialise in birds of prey, nor do they give a sh##, and they continue to have bird for sale areas that are covered with unrealistic adverts and photos and text adverts cut and pasted from birdmart sites like ours.


Again, we have been unsuccessful in contacting these websites, individuals, website owners and nobody returns our emails, not surprising. However on browsing their pages it becomes clear that 99% of their adverts are either not realistic or cut and pasted from other websites, even the adverts and images used from our website have the wrong contact details and email address, it makes you wonder why.


As a result, from 4th August 2014 (inclusive), all photos uploaded by advertisers onto our birdmart pages will be overwritten automatically with our logo (watermark), this enhancement will protect the copyright of your image on our website and make it impossible for other classified websites to continue to use our material for their benefit.




Photos of your BIRD: Immediate impact on viewers (July : 08 : 2014)

UK Falcons is committed to providing a quality birdmart and service and as such, would like to stress the importance of uploading a photo of your bird when ever possible. Statistics have shown that when you upload a good photo of your bird, it has immediate impact on viewers over a text only advert and helps towards the seriousness of your entry. We would like to encourage all advertisers to upload photos of their bird(s) with their advert, ..... all you do is press a button to select the image on your computer, it's very easy to do.




Breeders Rings / Split Rings (June : 10 : 2014)

ID RINGS EUROPE: visit us at www.id-rings.eu

If you're looking for closed breeders rings, split rings or a secure ID registration scheme for the safe return of your bird, then Identity Rings Europe has the solution.

When you ring your bird with a closed or split ring from id-rings.eu, you will be completely confident that you have a 'unique-identity-number' on your bird for life. This 'unique-identity-number' is not just for Article 10 Registration, but it keeps on working for the life of your bird as a quick and secure 'return-if-lost' identity tag, but
 ONLY when you register yourBird/Ring with us.

CLOSED and SPLIT RINGS, NEW OWNER : REGISTRATION OF YOUR BIRD, RING: when you purchase a bird wearing one of our closed or split rings, (you the new owner) of the bird can update the ownership and contact details for the bird online at www.id-rings.eu, keeping the details of the bird and (you the new owner) up to date and confidential, making sure that all lost bird owners are identified quickly.

CONFIDENTIALITY: OF YOUR DETAILS: the contact (phone number and/or email address) that is submitted with your registration is held confidentially on our registration system. ID-Rings Europe use these confidential contact details to contact only YOU the owner direct. ID-Rings Europe will not disclose these contact details to anyone at any time, nor for any reason, and are held strictly confidential on behalf of YOU the registered owner.

WHAT HAPPENS: IF I LOOSE MY BIRD?: lets say that you loose your bird and somebody finds it, your bird will be wearing one of our closed or split rings, the finder contacts ID-Rings Europe online at www.id-rings.eu (*which is clearly marked and unique to our rings) where they will be automatically forwarded to the "Lost Bird Search Page\". There are two contact options for the "finder of the bird"; they can contact us by: EMAIL FORM or by UK/EUROPE 24/7 PHONE NUMBERS. ID-Rings Europe then contact the owner of the lost bird and forward the "finders" contact details to the owner. However, we can only do this if the BIRD IS REGISTERED WITH US, so please make sure you register your bird.

DO I CONTACT ID-RINGS EUROPE: IF/WHEN I LOOSE MY BIRD?: if/when you loose your bird, you should let us know immediately so that we can publish this information on our website at www.id-rings.eu and on the birdmart page of our sister site at www.ukfalcons.com; (your contact details will always be held confidential and will not be published). The birdmart page on our sister site at www.ukfalcons.com has now over 120,000 visitors per week and is the number 1 birdmart specialising in birds of prey today. When your bird is found, the ID Ring number on your bird will lead the finder direct to our webpage, where they will make contact with us, and in return, we will make contact with you for the safe return of your bird.

ARE ALL RING NUMBERS: UNIQUE?: there cannot be another ID number (anywhere worldwide) with the same numbers and letters, because we include our web domain name as part of our unique numbering system, for example a typical ring number could be, 6402 WWW.ID-RINGS.EU.

When you ring your bird with a (breeders closed ring or split ring) from id-rings.eu, you will be completely confident that you have a 'unique-identity-number' on your bird for life. This 'unique-identity-number' is not just for Article 10 Registration, but it keeps on working for the life of your bird as a quick and secure 'return-if-lost' identity tag.

RINGING AND REGISTERING: YOUR BIRD: once you have rung your bird, the next stage is to register it with our ID Rings Registration data base, this is incase you loose your bird and want it identified when found. This can be done either by (you the breeder) or (you the new owner) of the bird. This service can also be used for Split Rings (new owner) registration.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DO NOT: REGISTER MY BIRD?: Lost birds found wearing our Closed ID rings that have NOT been registered on our data base, will not be identified when lost and found, so it is VITAL to register your bird/ring before you fly your bird.