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Closed Rings and Certificates

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We Build Security for your Birds

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ID Rings Europe News, FAQ´s

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Registering your Bird, ID Ring

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Build a Unique ID for Your Bird

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More and more breeders are taking positive steps to build in the small allowance

of just £10 on the price of every bird, so that when birds now leave breeding

facilities in the UK and Europe, they are fully registered, certified and identifiable

if lost / found or stolen, ... a huge step in the right direction!


Breeders ... when you sell your birds, think about their identity and security.

Falconers ... please register your bird and ring BEFORE you fly here,

and be more confident of her security and return if lost / stolen etc.




we supply breeders closed rings and ID split rings for all birds of prey


closed breeders rings

S / 7.6mm [ i-OD]

Kestrel Eurasion [M/F]


closed breeders rings

T / 8.7mm [ i-OD]

Sparrowhawk [M/F]

closed breeders rings

U / 9.5mm [ i-OD]

Barn Owl [M/F]

closed breeders rings

V / 11.0mm [ i-OD]

Peregrine [M]

closed breeders rings

W / 12.7mm [ i-OD]

Harris Hawk [F]

closed breeders rings

X / 14.3mm [ i-OD]

Redtail [M]

closed breeders rings

Y /15.8mm [ i-OD]

Ferruginous Hawk [F]

closed breeders rings

Z / 20.2mm [ i-OD]

Steppe Eagle [M/F]