Ring / Bird Registration

Why should I register my bird and ring?
Simply answered, so that you get your bird back if it is lost out flying, or if it escapes from its enclosure/aviary.  We can identify 'you' the owner via the ID ring number on your birds leg.  We hold your information confidentially on our offline database. 
It may be that you have recently purchased a bird wearing one of our closed rings, or you have bred a bird and rung it with one of our closed rings, and you now want to register the ring and bird.
Procedure: Registration will mean that if your bird is lost and found anywhere in the world, ID RINGS can be contacted using your bird's unique URL referenced ring number. Once we are notified of the birds location, we then contact 'you' the owner of the bird from the details we hold on our registration database. Your details are 'never given out' to the other party.  You contact the other party directly to discuss the collection of your bird.
Welfare: You have the benefit of being able to contact us directly if you lose your bird so that we can inform our network of contacts. Bird/ring registration is a vital part of your bird's welfare, the unique number allocated to your bird makes sure that if lost and found, your bird can be easily identified and returned.